Paul is a family man who likes to see the good in all, has a can do/will do attitude and always look for a solution to a problem or stumbling block. Throughout his life he has worked for different people in different industries, he learnt there was ways of doing things well and ways not to do things. While he was a conscientious, valuable worker to all his employers Paul had a passion to go out on his own and build something for himself. Back in 2009 Paul made this a reality, starting up his own business. He had some huge highs and also some lows, but being the person he was he saw the learning in these lows and kept moving forward.

Maybe learnt from watching his dad David likes to see an opportunity in everything. A likable guy David has a gift of seeing treasures where others may see trash. He loves the challenge of finding a bargain and turning it into gold. David with a family of his own he spent some time on weekends researching different collectibles and started buying and selling. He enjoyed doing this so much, not only was he good at it, he had found a passion. From this he knew he would be able to work with his dad to build something big. 


With a surplus of archery equipment the idea of an online store was born to help move this stock. Paul’s first attempt to get the online store up and running was initiated, but as an established busy business owner with a family Paul found it difficult to manage and maintain the development of the online store. So while it was launched, and it did sell some stock, the idea didn’t grow.
With David’s passion for researching, buying and selling Paul could see a way to move the surplus stock and expand the online store he had previously started. Paul and David spent many hours pouring over ideas and concepts, then they took a chance. David left his current job, Paul employed him, a new website was created and 22 Traders became a reality.
Now a family business with a father & son team, their vision is to provide an honest, reliable and trustworthy platform to buy and sell anything to anyone (anything legal of course).


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