Set of Dumbbells to Trade (test only)

THIS IS A TEST Who doesn’t love a toned, fit body? We all do and desire it as well. To achieve that level of fitness and stamina, a proper gym routine is required. You need to keep up a routine and follow it rigorously. Sometimes it might feel draining and impossible to do, as it is a gradual process. But today, we have made a list of 7 dumbbell exercises that you can try to get the most out of your workout in a shorter period. If you are looking for sets of dumbbells in varying weights follow the link provided

  1.  Lunges: 

Lunges are a highly effective workout routine; they work your legs and help you build stamina, strength and burn calories. In this type of lunge, grab two dumbbells, one in each of your hands. Then, holding the dumbbells at your sides, take a big step forward, keeping the other foot stable on the ground. Start lowering your body and make sure both your knees are bent at a 90-degree angle. Next, push up with your bent forward leg and repeat.

  1.  Squat:

We all fear squats; they require a lot of work and strength to do. A simple set of 10 can have you panting. However, they are superior to every exercise out there. To do squats with dumbbells, take a dumbbell in each hand and raise both above your shoulders. Your elbows should be by your side, and your palms should face your cheeks. Holding your arms like this, perform your squat.

  1.  Front raise:

For this exercise, you don’t have to use much of your body strength as it focuses on your shoulders and the associated regions. Take dumbbells in each hand, and stand with a straight back. Then slowly lift one arm or both simultaneously to bring it to the height of your shoulders. Then slowly lower it back down. Keep in mind that you can do this exercise with lightweight dumbbells.

  1.  Calf raises:

The calf raise helps strengthen your calves which proves crucial for activities like playing football or running. As always, take a dumbbell in each hand and stand with your back straight. Raise yourself to raise your heels above the ground and then lower yourself back down again. Repeat as sets of 12 or 8 to get the best results.

  1.  Overhead press:

The best part about the overhead press is that it can be done standing up and sitting down. Take dumbbells in both your hands and raise your arms above your head. You should bend your elbows at 90-degrees. Then raise your hands gradually and then bring them back to the same bent position. All the while, keep your back straight.

  1.  Biceps curl:

Stand with your feet apart and back straight. Take dumbbells in both hands and make sure you can lift them not too quickly. Hold them while keeping your palm outwards, then curl your hands towards your chest slowly and back down again. During this exercise, keep your elbows to your sides.

  1.  Lateral raise:

Take a position similar to that in the bicep curl. Now, keep your arms at your sides and then raise both of them simultaneously outwards till your shoulders. Your arms should be parallel to the ground for proper positioning.

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