What a Score from a Garage sale

Saturday morning and its time for the weekly grocery shopping. I drove past past a big old Queenslander with a sign out the front ‘Garage Sale this Sunday’ I had to stop, I had to check it, I had to introduce myself, something was telling me this place has history. I stopped and met this lovely family who were helping move there grandmother out who had lived in this house since she was young. From what I could see while watching them set up I was amazed with the unique and vintage items been dusted off. Sunday morning at 6am I was up and ready, I knew I had to get in early. I was overwhelmed with choice and within an hour, my car was full! I got home and started researching some of these items and kept thinking about some of the other things I glanced at and decided to go back. Another hour spent sifting and learning some of the history while talking to the family I had filled my car again. This is what I love about my job, meeting people, learning the history and taking a chance because you never know what you’ll find!

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